Become a member

You enjoyed your visit at HAWKS Racing and now you also want to become a HAWK? Or you just want to visit us? No Problem!

We are an officialy registered team in the Formula Student Germany at the HAW Hamburg (the University Of Applied Sciences Hamburg) and since 2010 also a registered non-profit association. As such, we are not just a wild pile of crazy hobby mechanics, but a well organized and structured team of students where everyone has his or her own tasks. This is important, as we are developing, designing, financing and manufacturing our very own racecar.

As a racing team we, of course, take part in official Formula Student/Formula SAE competitions. This is where we can show the quality of our work. The judges assess our product in many different categories. It's not just the top-speed of the car that matters here, but also the manufacturing quality, engineering design and the economic efficiency. Every single member of the team contributes to our success. As a soon-to-be-member of the team, you are free to choose your area of responsibility. You will be fully included in the proceedings of the team right away, with your first task. After a short probationary period you can become a full member.

At HAWKS, reliability is the most important duty. We are usually working on projects under time-pressure. The development of a racecar is a continous process that needs constant attention. As changes have to be made regularly, everyone in the team needs to keep the focus — and bring plenty of time.

If you think that you would fit into our team, please send an e-mail with your first and last name, as well as your request to [email protected]