Formula Student

Formula Student is an international design competition for university teams, aiming to provide students with practical applications for their degree of study. Both hard and soft skills are promoted by an active participation.
The goal of Formula Student is to provide a studies based project in which the students learn to design and manufacture a single seat racecar. Usually, the project is part of the academic studies and leads up to a series of competitions each season, in which teams from across the globe come together to compete against one another.

The virtual company
The students are supposed to assume that a production company has given them the job of designing a racecar, as well as to manufacture a prototype for assesment. The target market is that of non-professional weekend-, mountain- and sprint-racers. Therefore, the vehicle has to provide high acceleration and deceleration, as well as good handling characteristics. It has to be inexpensive to buy, affordable to maintain and above all reliable. Furthermore, the market value of the vehicle is increased with better design and comfort.

Competition & Scoring
Within one year, the teams develop prototypes to compete at the different competitions (in the US, Brasil, Japan, UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, ...). There are more than 500 teams world-wide and more than 100 teams in Germany (in early 2016).

The vehicles are judged in three categories:

  1. STATICS - Engineering Design- & Cost Report, Business Plan
  2. DYNAMICS I - Acceleration, Skid Pad
  3. DYNAMICS II - Autocross, Endurance

Formula Student Germany